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Saving Energy In The Kitchen
Saving Energy in the Kitchen
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The kitchen, with all its appliances, gadgets and heat, is a real .....
This busy mom has her hands full in coordinating both her
family duties and representing two businesses, Kat's Coffees
& More and Gourmet to Go. Her personal website, "Go Buy
Gourmet" is under construction and should be completed very
soon. However, if you would like to contact her about
business opportunities, the product line(s) and/or gift
ideas, you should email her at .
Marissa gladly sent me a nice sample packet of no-bake
cheesecake mix flavored "French Vanilla Cinnamon". This item
is from the Kat's Coffees & More. As I love being in the
kitchen cooking a variety of foods, I have always been
hesitant to prepare no-bake or jello-type cheesecake mixes.
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However, I decided to expand my "taste buds" and added
cheesecake to my Sunday dinner menu for the family.
Believe it or not....the dessert was a hit! Everybody loved
the cheesecake! I was very happy at how easy and
uncomplicated the directions were. The cheesecake had a
A Taste Of Tahoe
A Taste of Tahoe:

By Ronda Moll

Just as the majesty of the tall pine trees complement the beauty
of the crystalline waters of .....
wonderful cinnamon flavor with a twist of vanilla flavoring.
It took me approximately 10-15 minutes to prepare; however,
it needed to be placed in the refrigerator for at least 3
hours to chill before eating. If you check with Marissa, I
am sure she will be glad to give you additional information
on the other flavors available (ie., Banana Split, Cherry
Berry, Georgia Peach , etc.) and other featured mixes for
the current month. As you may be already aware, gift
buyers are always looking for unique and creative gift
ideas. A basket of gourmet mixes or maybe just a dessert mix
Best Western's Best Of The West In Seaside, Oregon
Best Western's Best of the West in Seaside, Oregon

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basket would be ideal for the individual who has everything.
Be sure to contact Marissa, , for your
gift-giving needs.

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