Premiere Catering: A Human Touch in Reception Planning

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Among the countless tasks that nearly every modern bride is laden with, aside from planning and coordinating the entire wedding, are the tasks involved in arranging the ever popular wedding reception. Beyond the chatter one hears regarding a couples nuptials, guests tend to have a one-track mind when planning to attend or take part in a wedding. The reception is when it is finally 'time to party,' and a bride and groom may finally receive their guests and thank them for all of the love and support they've given over the course of the newlyweds' relationship. Planning this little event, however, can be a daunting task.

The average bride is usually consumed with the same every-day concerns we all face: a full-time job, college work, personal life, etc' Because of this, the additional full-time job of planning an entire wedding can easily turn a sweet blushing bride into a maniacal creature on the brink of genocide!

This is where careful time-management and helpful planners come in.

Two years ago, Mark Winston had a dream. After a lifetime of owning and running a Manhattan computer company, he wanted to create a higher quality of life for himself. He wanted to create a company where he could pursue the self-rewarding job of helping people on a daily basis without the monotony of the standard American cubicle job. So Mark combined his passions for food, parties and the happiness found in every wedding with his knowledge of business and computer skills to create the ideal company for brides to go to for a helpful staff and knowledgeable service: Premiere Catering & Entertainment.

At Premiere Catering we take a different approach to the wedding reception. Rather than leading a bride to yet another expensive vendor for coordinating advice, we befriend and guide her in a helpful, soothing way. Consider us, if you will, the day-spa of Caterers living up to our 'Premiere' name.

We have created a website ( to enhance the experience of creating the apex of a bride's most memorable day. In this site, she may plan her event through a series of page options, after which she is promptly contacted by a staff member who will meet with her (as many times as it takes) to ensure that her vision is carried out to the last detail with professionalism, perfection, and a heart-warming, human touch.
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We have the experience and know-how to carry out the planning and execution of a reception with grace and elegance'

'But we haven't even begun to discuss the best feature of a caterer'
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Good food is still just good food, but add an artists touch, and it becomes spectacular! Even the simplest of dishes can become world-class by adding the flair we do to our wedding receptions. Given that everyone approaches food with their eyes before their taste-buds, we treat every dish and buffet as a masterpiece unto itself. Imagine a simple buffet, and then add flowing, billowing fabric covered in plentiful baskets of herbed breads; succulent chafing dishes filled with Mediterranean chicken, pasta, vegetables and salmon; huge platters of fresh, field greens; and a gourmet chef at the end of the line carving a roasted pork tenderloin for your guests. If that sounds good, cover the buffet in freshly cut flowers chosen by the bride, and that is just one picture of the many buffets we've served at our weddings.
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Add to all of the good things previously mentioned, a helpful event coordinator who is more interested in your happiness and the success of your reception than your checkbook, and you've got one relaxed and happy bride.

We are available seven days a week for planning, guides to locations, suggestions for rentals, menu choices, and much more. Contact Mark Winston at (919)363-5643 or Rebekah Bowen at (919) 601-1734, and see the 'Plan Your Event' link on our website at to begin organizing your big day today!

About the Author

I am an event coordinator for Premiere Catering. My professional reward comes from seeing my clients happy and satisfied at the end of an incredible reception.

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