Hybrid Mexican food is hot on the menu in Charlotte NC

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Looking for a great place in Charlotte to stop when you head out' This can be a mixed bag. mexican food is a hot ticket in this growing latino community.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Harris Blvd University Area is a good choice for hybrid mexican cuisine.

Well first off I am against this sort of trendy hybrid food in all its forms. I walked in skeptical and only did try this location bacause a UNCC student was on the patio eating an giant buritto that looked worth the tasting.

This location is an open air setting on the corner in this upscale and clean plaza designed with a Miami feel in mind. If you are looking for something to do with a lady this is one step above fast food but shorts still seem right. Overall a nice clean and not much more to say atmosphere in a great plaza location.
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The menu seemed limited with only a handful of choices, though they do each have quite a few combinations of salsa and fillings (cheese rice black beans etc).

As mexican is my favorite, and having eaten it in Tucson, AZ ive seen that authentic is generally better'.this is an nice exception. Everything was very fresh, and the flavor with different and very good on both of my visits. The portions are immense and even the students must have trouble finishing on most visits.

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With prices areound 14-18$ for 2 people (with drinks) its a step above fast food there too, but worth it on occasion.

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