Culinary Star in the Nation's Capital - Ceiba

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Culinary Star in Nation's Capital ' Ceiba
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Washington , D.C. has been harboring a secret for the last decade; a secret that is getting harder and harder to keep from the nation. Alhough D.C. was noted as a magnet for excellent ethnic cuisine in the past, it never savored a reputation for fine dining.

Maybe it was the conservative streak prevalent in the city and surrounding suburbs, or maybe it was a reputation of having loads of lowly paid federal workers lacking sophisticated palates and owning tightly zipped wallets. Whatever the reason, the sidewalks of D.C. basically folded at night. Those were the days when gourmands in search of great food traveled to the likes of Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City.

A secret no more! Over the last decade, Washington, D.C. dining has arrived on the culinary scene in a big way, easily competing with culinary greats such as San Francisco and New York. One of the more innovative and latest entries into the world of sophisticated dining is Ceiba ' a Latin-American fusion restaurant with contemporary flair and urban chic. The restaurant's name is the same as the magnificent umbrella-shaped ceiba tree. Native throughout the American tropics, the ceiba was considered sacred by the ancient Maya, supposedly connecting earth with the celestial heavens. One thing is for certain about Ceiba ' its star is rapidly rising.
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Ceiba offers an engaging menu inspired by our neighbors to the South: Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean, El Salvador, and Peru. Specialties also include Mexican fresh flavors and favorites from Veracruz and the Yucatan. What is presented is a wonderful fusion of exotic and festive tastes, capturing the world of sun-drenched lands with a vigor and intensity without equal on today's dining scene.

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