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Best Western's Best Of The West In Seaside, Oregon
Best Western's Best of the West in Seaside, Oregon

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You would think that choosing camping food to bring would be as easy as saying "I'll take what I like to eat at home", unfortunately not all the things we love to eat can be easily transported or cooked over a campfire. You'll need to get an idea on the recipes you'd like to make first (preferably easy ones) and then create a food checklist of items to take.

Camp food you will bring doesn't have to be boring, you can find some of the best food tips as well as good menus online from novice to expert campers who've added there favorite campfire recipes to camping chat forums. They have great suggestions on what freeze dried or dehydrated foods to bring on your trip, gourmet ideas, healthy vegetarian food and even fun kid food recipes.

You want to be prepared for your camping trip and you want the meals to taste even better than home, so do your research before you make that shopping food list and remember to add non-perishable items.

Some food and supplies we suggest to bring would be cast iron pots and pans, IDP camp toaster 23458, Dutch oven P10D3, Coleman Xtreme 5-day cooler 6251-707, cooking mitts, clean water, peanut butter, juice boxes, canned tuna, ham and chicken, dried fruits and nuts, powdered milk, beef jerky, spices, bread, hot dogs and marshmallows to name a few.

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