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Looking for a great place in Charlotte to stop when you head out' This can be a mixed bag.

Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant Cantina & Grill is a place to take a look at when in Area 1 Charlotte by University.

Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant is close to our home and is by far the restaurant I have visited more than any other in Charlotte. As I have said mexican is my favorite, ecspecially when done right.

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Overall we have been happy enough to keep going back and that fact is very much on the great service in Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant. The service has been exceptional on every visit, and that holds true in both english y en espanol. We have been willing to overlook some issues with our meals due to this friendly atmosphere.

The food has been decent on all visits, with the exception of a very tasty enchiladas suazas or (swiss), which is a white creme sauce covered enchilada platter that is the best thing on the menu.

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50% Less Cooking

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The food has always had too much black pepper, and we have been eager to just grab the chef and shake him and say please less pepper! and eveything would be right.

The food also is clearly prepared earlier in the day, since is has been a bit dry and not quite right on most visits. This is not to lead you not to visit, since I think it is a decent quality meal, low prices (7-12 a plate), and exceptional service.

If you go, get the platter I reccomend, and enjoy the service since it is what makes this a decent place for lunch or dinner with a date.

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