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You may or may not already have experience giving parties, if you do, this article will help you to have a more successful party - no matter how big or small it is!'

1. Money a Lot or a Little'
2. Lists, Lists and More Lists
3. Lasting Memory

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Let's look at how you do each of those three ideas.

1. Money a Lot or a Little'
Now, everyone knows that it is nice to have a lot of money, but is it really necessary to have a fun party' No, there are many easy ways to make the party a success without spending money. Just having background music adds to the festivities. I always make a homemade cake from a box mix and I always get compliments. With everyone so busy, my guests' appreciate the homemade touch. Just because you spent mega bucks on the character does not mean the kids had more fun. We had a pool party and the kids did not want to get out and participate with the character. Think in terms of your audience. What do they think is fun'
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2. Lists, Lists and More Lists
Let's face it, organization is the key to success in many ways in your day to day living. This trait will save you time and money in most anything you do. Write that party list, review it, and use it. Include a: Guest list, Menu, Supplies and Decorations Needed, RSVP/Thank You Note list, create a Shopping List from the menu and supplies needed lists, and Order of Activities with time line.

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3. Lasting Memory
Now think about this, the last time you or your child went to a party what do you remember about it' Where was it' What food was served' What was the party favor' Where is the party favor' I recently had a brunch. At the party, we had nameplates (picture frames) that doubled as party favors. During the party, I had my sister take a photo of each guest with my kids. You guessed it ... we sent out thank you notes to each guest with the photo for the frame.'

As you surely already know, your organization is a must have key to your successful party. I don't care what you do - not being organized is suicidal. And remember, if you want your event to be the talk of the town take advantage of that Kodak moment.
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